Jounin Medic Log

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Note: This is an RPG character journal.

Job: 5th Hokage's (Tsunade-sama) Attendant, Medic


Rank: Jounin
Registration ID: 010800
Birthday: 11/18
Blood Type: A Type
Character: Prone to worrying
Favorite food: Cooked brown rice
Least favorite food: Pork
Favorite phrase: "Beauties of nature"
Specialty: Poison, other medical jutsu
Interest: Cultural inheritance tour :DDDD *Tsunade-sama, wait up T___T*

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Something taken from inquisitive's Databook 2 translation:

Difficulty: Medical Jutsus and their possibilities and limits.

The greater the wound, the greater the ability needed. Also, its effects are not unlimited and reviving the dead is impossible.

Wounds and their healing difficulties
Scratches and stab wounds: difficulty 1
Broken bones, muscle and severed tendons: difficulty 2
Great damage to the body: difficulty 3
Death and Regrowing a damaged organ: impossibility

Note to self: Medics are not invincible healers